Strong from the ground up

Physical strength is dependant on the whole bodies ability to do what’s asked of it. Anybody who’s ever tried a heavy deadlift or squat will testify to this, the worst feeling in the gym is when you’ve warmed up well you feel good, strong and focused. You set yourself to the bar, take that deep breath in start to execute the move.

 All is going well until you hit the sticking point, the hardest point of any lift. You’re in that vulnerable position where something is going to give…If you’ve done right you power through the sticking point, re-rack the bar and feel like an absolute legend and straight on the social media to tell the world!

Then there is option 2, your grip starts to open, your weight all shifts onto one side, your core collapses. Your brain tells you to “bail out.” There’s a loud crash as the bar hits the floor, you suddenly find yourself the focus of attention in the weights room.

Lets be honest we all want to go for the first scenario.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting a series of articles on how we can strengthen the body as a whole and avoid the second scenario.

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